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Cheap Holidays

You could take a trip to Ibiza for as little as £199! At Kosmar Holidays, our cheap holidays will never land you at a cheap destination. With a wide range of close to home and other side of the world holidays available to suit everyone’s budget, you can be boarding your flights in no time! Whether you’re a money-conscious student, spread-thin parent or just love a good bargain holiday, we can give you the time of your life without emptying your wallet.

Affordable Package Holidays and Exclusive Deals

Our range of affordable package deals and cheap holidays are not to be dismissed. From skiing and winter sun getaways to exciting adventure holidays in resorts across the world. Party your heart out in Mallorca for the weekend, spend a fortnight cycling through Holland or meet up with friends and family for an all-out Benidorm holiday!

There’s a myth going around that last minute holidays will cost you a fortune. Rubbish! Whether you book far in advance or feel like taking a spontaneous week-long trip to an exotic beach far away from home, you’ll always get the best price with us.

We can ship you off to Egypt, fly you to the Caribbean and set you off on sunny beach holiday adventures from Alicante to Antalya without any need to rob a bank or two.

Feeling stressed about money? Cheap last-minute deals to popular holiday destinations with self-serving or all-inclusive packages are exactly what the doctor prescribes. Book your holiday, set up payments or do it all in one go, and that’s it! Kosmar Holidays take care of everything so that you can truly relax on your well-earned break.

Book Cheap Holidays with Kosmar Holidays

Whether you need help spreading the cost or just want to be 100% sure there are no better deals available, we can help you. It’s our sole purpose to ensure that your cheap holidays feel anything but cheap!

From the flights to the itinerary, you can make deposits to spread the cost. You won’t miss out on a thing. There’ll be no more “let’s just have a quiet night at the hotel” or “remember kids, just 1 souvenir each” when you’ve saved a tonne of money with our cheap holidays! What will you spend that saved money on?

Browse our selection of cheap holiday packages, deals and bargains to start saving money!

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