Modern Slavery Statement

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Kosmar Holidays Ltd and its relevant brands are committed to ensuring there is no modern slavery anywhere in our business or supply chains.

This is our 2020 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. In this year’s statement, we provide an update on our progress and set out further steps that Kosmar has taken over the last trading year to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business.

Our Business

Kosmar Holidays is a UK based travel company encompassing a travel agency, tour operator and homeworking division. Throughout our extensive partnerships across the world, we world with thousands of hotels and chains directly and hundreds of commercial suppliers. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and strive to provide them with trusted, personalised holiday experiences.

Our Values & Policies

Our internal Code of Conduct provides guidance on our company values. This includes a section on “Supplier Relationships”, which emphasises the importance of acting with integrity at all times in our business dealings. This includes working with suppliers who score highly on sustainability and human rights compliance.

The supplier relationships section also explains the Kosmar Holidays approach to purchasing, including an assessment of a supplier’s approach to combating modern slavery and ensuring that suppliers comply with Kosmar Holidays policies on ethical business behaviour (for example, our Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Supplier Speaking Out policy).

Employees review the Code of Conduct through an annual training programme and new recruits are also trained and assessed on their understating of the code throughout the induction process.

Travelife: Ensuring Compliance

Travelife is an internationally recognised sustainability certification programme for hotels and accommodation providers. The scheme’s management system enables hotels to address key areas of sustainability such as resource efficiency and waste management in a cost effective way alongside other pertinent supply chain management issues such as child protection and labour conditions.

Travelife provides greater oversight of the supply chain of hoteliers. All Travelife certified hotels and accommodation must undertake an independent on-site audit to prove they meet strict criteria before they receive a Travelife Award, which certifies that the hotel is compliant with local employment legislation and takes suitable steps to ensure that there is no modern slavery in its purchasing processes.

Over the next year, we will be integrating the Travelife standard into our business, making the standard mandatory for all hotels in which we hold direct contracts with. We are committing that by 2022, 100% of hotels we stock will have a Travelife Award.


We continue to conduct a range of training across our business to identify and manage modern slavery risk.

In 2018 we rolled out a new compulsory e-Learning training on our internal Code of Conduct noted above. This training includes clear guidance on eliminating and reporting occurrences of modern slavery and human rights issues.

Raising Concerns

We believe that we all have a responsibility to be aware of the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains. Our Speaking Out policy sets out how employees and third parties can report any concerns either to the managers or confidentially via an online reporting service.

Information about our Speaking Out policy continues to form part of the induction process for new recruits joining Kosmar Holidays. For our existing employees, the Speaking Out policy and the reporting service are promoted by our Senior Leadership Team together with HR and Compliance.

In 2019 we plan to further increase the visibility of the Speaking Out policy across our business, both in our corporate locations and in destinations.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Kosmar Holidays are publishing this statement pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Jhy Worsnop-Hesford
Managing Director