Foreign Currency

So, you’ve picked out souvenirs for all your family, from the wooden bead necklace for Aunt Jen to vintage stamps for grandpa… wait, it’s cash only?

Not everywhere takes card (yet) and anyway, who wants to deal with all those card fees stacking up? Let Kosmar Holidays arrange all your travel money before you head off! Whether you need a mountain of Yuan or just enough Dollars to get a hot dog from one of New York’s famed street stalls, we can line your travel pockets ready.

Getting the best deal on travel money can be a nightmare, with commissions charged by providers ranging greatly and exchange rates changing daily. It’s confusing, to say the least. Kosmar Holidays can pull together your foreign currency for you at great exchange rates to ensure you have your travel money before you step out the front door!

Travel Money Cards, Foreign Cash and Traveller Cheques Here!

Travel money can be used for taking sporadic strolls on the beach, where you just need one of those cocktails in a coconut shell, or checking out the vibrant souk stalls and buying a glimmering gift for your loved one. It will all cost just a bit of money… but you’re on holiday. It’s time to splash out!

Some currencies are relatively easy to get your hands on and even overseas you should be able to obtain the native currency from any cashpoint. However, there are many locations all over the world where finding a currency exchange or obtaining travel money can be difficult.

Did you know in Vietnam you can’t leave the country with their currency, the Vietnamese dong? It is incredibly difficult to find it outside of Vietnam! We pack travellers off to Vietnam with US dollar travel money; the easiest currency to switch to Vietnamese dong when you’re there. We’ll even point you in the direction of the best exchange point!

If there’s a country you’re dying to visit, from Indonesia to Nepal to Canada, we can find just the right amount of travel money for you to make the trip an unforgettable experience.

But it’s not only travel money that’s available. Whether you leave your bag on the train or find your purse missing after visiting one of the major tourist attractions, it’s good to know you’ve got a backup. Why not keep a pre-paid currency card stashed away in your luggage, or a few traveller cheques hidden in your toiletries bag? No matter how you need your travel money available, we can make sure you’re funded and secure!

Arrange Travel Money With Kosmar Holidays

From currency cards to cold hard cash, arranging your travel money with Kosmar Holidays means your travels will be funded well!

No matter what takes your fancy, whether you want to splash out on skip-the-queue attraction tickets (did you know Kosmar Holidays can reserve these for you too?) or dine out instead of eating at the hotel, you’ll have the currency to make it possible.

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